Thursday, 24 November 2011

Warfare Convention and other stuff ...

This weekend gone was the Warfare Convention hosted by the Wargames Association of Reading at the Rivermead Leisure Centre in Reading. As usual at that venue, there wasn't enough parking :(

Anyway, I was there for about 3-4 hours and spent far too much increasing my unpainted lead mountain with the following new toys:
Since the weekend, I've temporarily suspended making card buildings and been getting my purchases ready for undercoating by basing them:

28mm figures

15mm figures
Both the above photos have some extra figures in them - the 28s with the terracotta clay are Redoubt 3 musketeers figures that I've had for years and am now going to use as 'blinders' in Witchfinder General.

Having spent all that hard-earned cash on my own toys, I decided I should go Christmas shopping ... whilst in Morningstar Hobbies in Camberley though, I espied theses 2 kits:

And not having either vehicle for my ATZ car park, I bought them!  I'll put a post up on them when I assemble them, but I thought I'd let you know they were out there ...


  1. I heard it was a good show, good purchases but the priming and basing of figures make me cry...I prefer the painting!!!

  2. Sounded like a good show. Can agree with fran I hate dislike basing and undercoating

  3. very cool, shopping at a convention.