Friday, 6 January 2012


I was intending to put the Japanese post up today, but have been too busy - I'll try and get it posted later.  Meanwhile, a side-effect of this series idea has happened. I hoped it would, but didn't write anything about it, in case it didn't. The series has motivated me to actually do some painting and last night I painted the sten-gunners who appeared unpainted in part 1

I'm playing the game tonight at my local club. It'll be solo using Two-Hour Wargames 'War Against Japan' supplement for their 'Nuts!' rules


  1. Cool, club-gaming... that's a tick on your list! :)

  2. Enjoy your game, will we see a batrep?

  3. Fantastic - you are one game up on me for the year then ;-)

    As Irqan asked, hopefully there will be a batrep, as I am thinking of getting the THW FNG rules for my vietnam game and want further convincing with THW rules.