Friday, 3 February 2012

Tonight's Game

And another club night rolls around ... tonight I will be joining some other members for a 'big' game of Neil Thomas' Ancient & Medieval Wargaming, a rules-set that (like so many others) I've read but not played so I'm looking forward to it.

IIRC, the rules are designed for forces that are 8 units on each side, but apparently one of the guys has done some work using various Field of Glory army lists to create bigger armies ....

Anyway, as the guys are using 15mm and my only ancients are 6mm, there will be none of my figures in action, but I'm going to take the camera along and try to get better pictures than last time!

Oh, and it's my birthday on Sunday ... 41 this time ... oh dear ...


  1. I hope you have a good game, and an even better 41st.

    Happy Birthday for Sunday :-)

  2. 41! sounded younger, have a good one......

  3. @Shelldrake: Thanks matey! I hope I do as well!

    @TAL: 'sounded younger'? well I feel older does that make up for it?


  4. Happy 41st, and good luck with the gaming.

  5. Best wishes for your birthday, mate! I wish I was that young!

  6. Enjoy your game tonight!

    Happy 41st Birthday for Sunday.

  7. A belated Happy Birthday mate!