Thursday, 1 March 2012

Saxons and Lace ...

Last time I promised some photos so here they are.  First up we have a picture of my dipped War of Spanish Succession (WWS ) 6mm British infantry from Baccus 6mm. These are lovely figures that - in my mind - really give an impression of a unit of troops rather than a figures on a base ... unfortunately, the photo is (once again) blurred. The figures are in 8 files, each of 3 ranks, on 40mm x 20mm bases, 4 bases making a battalion:
 This next photo shows an unfinished unit - again British - that I have put on their bases to dip when I've done all 96 figures in the unit:
 And now their opposition; this is a finished, but undipped French unit. At the time of the WSS the British fought in 3 ranks, but the French (and most others) still fought in 4 (or more) ranks. So in the Ian Croxall's Blenheim 04 rules (which I like, but have yet to play) the French are based in 8 files, each of 4 ranks, on 40mm x 30mm bases and a battalion is 3 bases:
 And here is a dipped French battalion:
I've nearly finished all the infantry I have so it will be the Horse and command bases next. Where Blenheim 04 is multiple bases to the battalion, C'est la Guerre (which arrived from Caliver Books yesterday) is a DBA-style set for WSS, so as I build up my armies, I will play using those rules.

I've also mentioned recently my Gripping Beast plastics, so here are photos (front + back) of 4 of the 32 I've painted so far. I've yet to do the shields though, as I decided to do them seperately from the figures. Once I've done the shields as well, I'll do some group shots of them.
 These are really nice figures that have been a joy to assemble and paint, and I am looking forward to doing the box of vikings who will be their opposition.

And the final picture is a shot of the plastic saxons (plus 2 metal interlopers at the bottom left) that I have left to do. Once more the shakes struck as I took the photo :(


  1. nicely done. Those 6mm are tiny but you've done a good job.

  2. Very nice. I can't imagine painting 6mm, they must be very difficult because of the size. I have trouble with 15s. Those Saxons look great. I'm looking forward to seeing them with their shields.

  3. 6mm, wow thats tiny it looks like you have done a good job, saxons look good even within a blurry pic.

  4. Found them Cheers Mate. Baccus would be my figures of choice.... H+R would be another option but I think Baccus would suit me better.