Friday, 16 March 2012

Shopping @ WMMS, part 2

This post shares the stuff that I bought at WMMS (West Midlands Military Show) last sunday, specifically the toys I got from Warbases.

In addition to the items pictured below, I got their SAGA set of measuring sticks and fatigue tokens, which I had been thinking about getting for a while and saw in use at my local club the other Friday.

So ... onto the piccies! First of all is something that I've not seen on their website yet. It's a sheet of pre-cut roof tiles. There are 3 different styles you can get from them, but I only got one. The idea is that you cut out the strips and then glue them to your model roof to save having to laboriously cut card up. At only £2 for an A4 sheet it seemed a bargain to me, so I got one to try on my card buildings and I'll share the results when I've done it.

Warbases have started making laser cut buildings from MDF and I've been idly planning on trying them out for a while now. At WMMS I took the plunge and bought several of their 28mm modular buildings. I've only taken photos of one to show you all as an example. So this photo shows the building as it comes, in a ziplock bag.
Here are all the pieces out of the bag and laid out. I especially like the etched detail of planking on the shutters and door.
 Finally, I put the pieces together to show the assembled building. When I glue the window frames on, I'm intending to cut through the walls and hope to make the door openable as homage to Vampifan the Great.
I have a cunning plan on how I'm going to finish the outsides of the buildings, but don't want to share it yet, in case it goes horribly wrong!

Next time, the final part, which will be devoted to the new project.


  1. Hmm, intriguing. I love cunning plans when they work.

  2. Very cool mate. Look forward to seeing how these progress

  3. Some nice looking stuff. That's a great idea for the pre-cut roofing tiles. Should be a real time saver. And very nice detail on the shutters and door. It might be worthwhile to carve out a couple of the knotholes on the door for more depth.

  4. Looks great, after seeing Joe's stuf I'm really keen to get my hands on some lazer cut buildings, nice haul.