Tuesday, 17 April 2012

AWOP again, ME3, Dr Who Locations, the TARDIS and SAGA

Done it again, been AWOP (Absent Without Posting) once more. No intention to do so, but just seem not to have had the time ... mainly due to buying Mass Effect 3 and playing that; another great game, but so totally let down by its ending :(

Anyway, one of the things I have done, was go on a Dr Who location tour in Cardiff. I was a bit sceptical of it, but it turned out to be quite fun in the end. An added bonus was the guide learning where filming was to happen the next day so I got a photo of the real TARDIS in-situ
While in Cardiff, I went round Cardiff Castle and Castell Coch, both great places to visit.

On a wargaming note, I played my first game of SAGA last friday, mucho fun. A simple, but not simplistic system that needs a hell of a lot more thought than I realises! As a consequence, my Anglo-Saxons (in the first expansion book) got shot to bits by my opponent's Normans :(

Anyway, as previously promised, here are some photos of my warband. All the armoured figures are made from Gripping Beast's plastic saxons box, while the metal levy figures are from Black Tree Designs. All of the figures have been "magic-dipped" and I'm very pleased with them
Group shot of the entire Warband
Warlord (centre) and unit of Hearthguard
2nd unit of Hearthguard
3rd unit of Hearthguard
Example Warriors 1
Example Warriors 2
Levy 1 (metal from BTD)
Levy 2 (metal from BTD)

I'll certainly be at Salute this coming weekend and will post tomorrow about what I'm going to spend money I can't afford on!!


  1. They all look great mate. What you going to add to this force? or is it a secret?

  2. great looking figures - I really must stop looking at other people's projects, as it distracts me from my own ones ;-)

  3. Thats a bigass warband, were they that big ? I thought they were smaller in number, not that its a big deal, they are very nicely painted.

  4. it's interesting that Brummie thinks ' what will he add?' while Extraordinarii asks 'were they really that big?'

    Thanks for the nice comments guys, very much appreciated! and Shelldrake, that's exactly how I feel about your (& other) blogs!