Friday, 27 April 2012

Missing Pic and Progress

Another update - 3 in one week must be a record!! This time with a picture of the Commando mini's weapons that I missed from my new-toys-from-salute-2012-pt-1 post and an update on my progress with the Saxons I got for my SAGA warband.

So the missing picture - unfortunately not a good one, but it shows what you get. If anyone wants a better pic, let me know and I'll put one up
2 SLRs, Revolver + M203 GL

Now the progress with my Saxons, specifically my mounted 'warlord'.  Here is the original figure (on the right) with the foot figure I use for my Warlord. As I said before, I wanted to replace the metal figure's head with a spare plastic one identical to the warlord's.

Well I did that the other night and was surprised at how easy it was; here is a pic of the post head-swapping figure

Also, the sword and right arm were not in a very good pose I thought, so I decided to subject that to some of my amateur surgery as well, again replacing it with a spare from the unused components left from the assembly of my Gripping Beast plastics. Here are a couple of post surgery pics with the figure on the horse I'm going to use. Again I feel the change went well and I think the figure is much more warlord-like now
(Just as a note, the pic on the left was with flash and the right without; I prefer the right hand one tbh)

Also, just reporting with no pics for now, I've assembled all my Wargames Factory plastic Saxons. Comparing them to the Gripping Beast plastic Saxons, it is quite amazing how 2 companies can do what is apparently the same thing in such different ways ...

In a future post I'll give more details on both along with pictures.


  1. ooo nicely done conversion. That reminds me I have a royal rohan guard on horseback nib kicking around somewhere

  2. Conversion looks really good Colin, sword raised in the air while on horseback, will have the enemy quaking in the boots, look forward to the painted version.

    on a smaller note (sry colin I say this in the nicest way) the grenade launcher pictured at the top of your post is actually a M79 grenade launcher, a m203 is an M16 (attachment type underslung) grenade launcher, this is said with all due respect.