Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Response to the Lower Lab - ATZ Game Pt1

And so on to the first part of the batrep for the game I've set up. Is this a good time to tell you it's not normal Zeds, but Ragers they'll be facing?

Taking a deep breath, Shift Supervisor Shelldrake turned and led his men down the stairs to the Lower Laboratory ...
Super' Shelldrake and team enter the lab ...
Initially nothing seemed out of place; the team saw and heard nothing ...
and see a whole load of nuthin ...
At the bottom of the stairs, Shelldrake indicated the first door on the right - a good a place as any to begin their sweep. Barley and McGrew moved up to flank the door, quickly followed by Hugh and Pew bursting through it. As Shelldrake looked through the door he could see it was a medical room of some sort just as he could hear Pew holding back a retch ...
Hugh and Pew could not believe what they were seeing ...
From the corridor the rest of the team heard Pew losing his lunch just as Hugh began retching
From the corridor the retching seemed to echo endlessly ...
The rest of the team entered the lab and were horrified to see three bodies in various stages of dissection. "Don't look," growled Shelldrake, "Keep it together and move on." A few seconds pulling themselves together and the team moved on through the lab. "Lock that door Hugh," Shelldrake said. Hugh swiped his security card in front of the sensor as he passed - now only another security card could open it.
The team move through the dissection lab
Reaching the other exit from the lab, the team formed up and executed another great dispersal on the other side.
Shelldrake was proud of the way his team dispersed through the door
And rapidly found the first of the 'unaccounted' staff ...

'Euwww ' said Pew
Pew knelt beside the body and reached to check for life - "Jees, boss," he began, "This guy's been ripped apart." 
But Shelldrake wasn't paying attention; someone - or was it something?! - had come around the corner ahead of Pew. Whatever it was, screamed and shouted, reaching toward him and Pew. 
"What the hell?!?"
Without hesitation, Shelldrake readied his shotgun and pulled the trigger.

Pew failed his In Sight; but Shelldrake passed 1d6. Unfortunately, his Snap Fire missed. Ooops ...

Part 2 follows soon ...


  1. Awmesome! I don't know what you did, but I can imagine them running in corridors of the underground lab!

    1. Then my work here is done; no need to post the rest of the batrep!

      Just kidding! ;)

  2. Oh...Ragers......Damn.......

    1. Yep, wanted to see how they played

  3. woot great so far mate. pictures are awesome and atmospheric. Woot Can't wait for part 2

  4. Thanks Doc B - typing it up now

  5. Oh crap... Ragers! I have a nasty feeling how this is going to end. Still, I might be wrong so bring on part 2.

    1. I think you could be right VtG!

  6. You've now got my undivided attention.

    This scenario reminds me of the many "Space Hulk" games I've played, I just hope it doesn't go the way so many of my games did.

    I can however see this ending in tears, unless of course Cuthbert, Dibble and Grubb arrive as re-inforcements.

    Roll on part 2 !

    1. Woo-hoo! 50pts for Mr Z!! I thought nobody would get it; but I'm really glad you did!

  7. Yeah baby. Keep it coming.