Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Temporary Absence ...

Well apologies to my followers, but I've been absent from my blog for two weeks now, and probably won't have another substantive update in the near future ...

I'm still waiting for the exchange of contracts in my home move, and in anticipation of that, I have packed most of my possessions and put them into a storage unit I've hired (which has given me some insights into how I'm going to build my Stoelzel's Structures Storage Unit Buildings, but that's another thing to do at some point!).

So until then, although I might be able to post some pics of stuff I do manage to get done, the (ir)regular posting of this blog will have to be suspended.


  1. I understand how stressful house moving can be, Colin, so take your time and try not to get too stressed out. Yes, I know, easier said than done. We'll still be here when you do get sorted out and can find the time to blog again. I wish you all the bast, mate.

  2. Don't Sweat the small stuff, Colin. Moving=Big stuff. Blog= Small stuff. I think that covers it! Take care mate. Talk when you vcan. Cheers Clint

  3. Thats cool mate, moving is difficult at best. Catch you soon mate.

  4. Thanks for the comments guys. Contrary to my expectations above I have managed a decent post, but not sure when the next one will materialise though!