Wednesday, 17 October 2012

New Arrivals at my Hovel 01

I'm sure I posted somewhere about these impending arrivals, but can I find where it was now I'm posting about them? can I f**k!

Anyway, back on the 8th October, I stumbled across the Warmacre website (can't remember how!) and browsed their modern miniatures range, as always looking for my mini's for my British zed-a-lypse

Thhe miniatures looked pretty good to me (and the prices even better!), so after an email to Warmacre to check the contents, I ordered the "No-Go-Zone ‘Friday Night’ Miniatures & Rulebook" pack, plus No-Go-Zone Hooligans/Rioters pack. With the ridiculous postage charge (i.e. a flat £1 to the UK!) that totalled £31 for 30 miniatures (each with slotta base & metal scenic top!) plus a rulebook.

Yes, that's right. £31 for 30 28mm miniatures.  Bargain!

The package arrived on the following saturday, IIRC, and here's a pic of the contents:
As I said above, each miniature has a 20mm slottabase plus one of a variety of scenic metal tops. The tops themselves have a tab moulded on the base to fit in the slottabase's slot, and they seem to me to be pretty well sculpted.  Unfortunately, all my mini's are on 2ps or 25mm slotta's so although I won't use the slotta's (I do use 20mm's for kids, small animals, etc, so they won't be wasted), I intend to use the tops on the larger slotta's. As you can see to the left, each top has a hole for the peg that is on each mini's foot.
And speaking of the miniatures, following are front and back pictures of the contents of each pack. First is No-Go-Zone Police 1 which has 5 PCs and a WPC. There is no flash on the figs (the pic is straight from the pack) but mould lines are visible. The sculpts are good, but not excellent.
Next up is No-Go-Zone Police 2. This time, there are 3 PCs, 1 WPC and 2 Paramedics. The same comments for Police 1, above, apply here for flash, mouldlines and sculpts.
Now the No-Go-Zone Chaos pack, which holds 6 criminals, including 2 prostitutes. There is nothing specifically criminal about them to my eyes though, so they'll make great civvies/survivors in the zed-a-lypse. Again, no flash, mouldlines and good sculpts.
The final pack in the 'Friday-Night' set is No-Go-Zone Citizens. I especially like the figure eating crisps and the woman searching in her bag - for zed-repellent perhaps?
Finally, the extra pack that I got, No-Go-Zone Hooligans/Rioters. A nice variety of poses here, obviously designed to be taunting a line of police, and I think they'll do excellently for zed-gaming. The only bit of flash in 30 figs is here, attached to the bottom left mini's index finger.

I am very, very pleased with my purchase, and I would have been had the figures been twice the price I paid for them.  I may not have been flattering about the sculpts but they are very acceptable and a damned sight better than I could manage. The only thing that I haven't done yet is compare them size-wise with other figures, but they 'look' the right size to me.

All-in-all they are very welcome additions to my lead mountain, and the police especially are essential for anyone setting a zed-game (or any other kind) in modern Britain (yes, I'm looking at you m'lud Siwoc!)

PS - this post is number 01 as my Mantic Games parcel arrived yesterday, so will post on that soon!


  1. Nice review and it was on the Board of the living lead where you posted about them :D

  2. That's a nice collection of minis, Colin. I've heard some good reports about Warmacre and these figures are on my shopping list.

  3. I like these, they would make great objective markers in a save the survivors scenario.

  4. Very nice, I was looking at these on Ebay the other week!

  5. You're right about the cops being essential for Brit Zed-gaming, they are few and far between. Ilike Warmacre figures too

  6. A nice collection Colin, with tons of potential