Thursday, 11 October 2012

Pub Progress

As I mentioned briefly in this post - post 100 and it's a biggie! - having got as far as I wanted to with the Food Market, I am building the Stoelzel's Structures Local Pub at the moment.

I've finally finished 'glazing' the windows, had the doors glued in and was on the point of beginning to assemble it last night. I just wanted to get the ground floor internal walls in place and could then glue the ground floor together ...

But could I find the prints for the internal walls?  No. The foamboard-building-print-out-eating fairies had struck again! They'd completely vanished!!


So I've just printed another set out, and hopefully will resume tonight. It was so frustrating that I just had to share :(


  1. A curse on those foamboard-building-print-out-eating fairies!

    1. Exactly! I'm glad that you understand Bryan!

  2. Best laid plans eh ? I think we've probably all been there. I empathise.

  3. LOL Bad fairies, Naughty Fairies get back into your cage!

  4. Zabadak and Brummie ... I am very disappointed. I detect a hint of skepticism from you both as to the guilt of the foamboard-building-print-out-eating fairies in this particular instance.

    You do know (don't you?!?) that if you doubt their existence they will come to your man-cave in the dead of night and start to your lead mountain from the inside out ...

    So real name should be foamboard-building-print-out-and-inside-of-lead-mountain-eating fairies. But that just sounds silly, which is why they are uasually called the foamboard-building-print-out-eating fairies.