Thursday, 12 May 2016

Mbote Government Communique Released

In response to the blatantly false statement issued by the propaganda minister of Zubuto - Dr Spin Goballs - through the fiction of a 'home affairs correspondent', the Mbote government released the following statement.

"It was with incredulity that the 'story' created by Dr Goballs was received here in Daijones, the glorious capital of Mbote.

"Complete fiction from start to finish, this story omits the fact that the heroic Mbote Defence Force had been forced to stop the unprovoked invasion of sacred Mbote soil by the spineless minions of puppet dictator DuDu.

"Arriving first on the scene, the militia Layland Regiment was able to halt heavy armoured elements of the so-called "People's" Zubutu Army (PZA).  From this strong foundation, the armour of the Mbote Hoki-Koki Brigade drove back the vile invaders. Unfortunately, outclassed in equipment by PZA, the heroic Hoki-Koki suffered several setbacks in their efforts. However, the inspired leadership of tribal King Anndi, commander of the Hoki-Koki, drove the PZA butchers again and again off the sacred soil of Mbote.
destroyed ZPA armour
"On the very cusp of their victory, the vehicles of the Layland Regiment were destroyed in a dastardly ambush by Zubutoan attack helicopters supplied by DuDu's superpower puppet masters, proving once again that DuDu knows his minions are no match for the heroes of Mbote without outside help bought with the fruits of the Zubutoan people's labours.

"At this point it seemed that the Zubutoan criminals would be able to break through the glorious defence of the Hoki-Koki Brigade's armoured elements and pillage the valley of the river Urehavinalarf - home of the majestic spaghetti plantations of Mbote.
Mbote spaghetti harvest
"In a stroke of brilliance, King Anndi timed the arrival of the infantry component of the Hoki-Koki Brigade perfectly and their renowned anti-helicopter weaponry and training, led to the cowards in the ZPA helicopters to flee back to their homes.
ZPA helicopter that came too close to the Hoki-Koki
"With Mobote soil protected and the PZA armour all destroyed, victory for the Mbote people was assured.

"It is understood that the so-called victory parade in Mpangi was only possible because the PZA tanks wrecks were towed from the field in the dead of night, painted, and then towed through the streets of the den of iniquity that is Mpangi under the rule of the puppet dictator DuDu.

"We have learned from this unfortunate incident and will be upgrading the equipment of the Hoki-Koki heroes to dissuade the puppet DuDu and his minions from repeating their evil actions."



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