Tuesday, 3 May 2016

VBCW Buildings (2)

I had intended to post some pics of my progress, but when I came to take them this morning I found I had no charge in the battery ... :(

So, this weekend I undercoated the Warbases' tiling sheets for my VBCW buildings and painted the window frames and doors where they show on the exteriors.

I am still undecided on what to do about the large window on the general store:

I don't think cutting it out is a solution really and I'm not convinced that a 1930s village shop would have such a large single pane window ... I'm currently thinking that I'll add a couple of vertical frames to divide the sheet into thirds which will look better IMO.  But that doesn't address the main issue - how do I finish it? what colour should I paint it?  requires further thought ...

I also have all the bits I need to make the event and unit cards for 'Went the Day Well?' rules and will be making a start on them today.

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