Wednesday, 25 May 2016


I applied the dip to the VBCW PAC (People's Assault Column) last night as the game I had been going to play at the Winchester club was postponed until next week.

I did all the figures I've painted so far and there are a few photos of some of them below.  The standards all came from threads at the VBCW forum, where their creators had published them.
Standard Bearers
I applied the dip using a brush - it gives less wastage than actual dipping IMO - and painted the paper standards as well. I've not done this before and am pleased with how they've come out.
2 Sloopy Jalopy on the L, 2 Ironclad on the R
 My favourites I think are the Empress Miniatures "Miliciana Female militia including LMG team" pack from their Spanish Civil War Republican range (pack MIL9):
Yet to do a standard for the one on the R!
If I need any more infantry, I think I'll get some more from this range.

Next step is to decorate bases, then matt varnish spray. Then the vehicles and support teams ...

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