Monday, 13 June 2016

The Weekend

From a wargaming point of view the weekend just gone was quite unproductive, but enjoyable from a gaming viewpoint as I spent most of it playing Skyrim on the PC, which I haven't done since my hard drive hard to be re-formatted just before Christmas and I lost everything on it ...   :(

That said, on saturday I did get a delivery of some supply wagons and casualties from Baccus 6mm that I (sort of!) need for Command Combat: (American) Civil War. These rules state that whenever a unit takes damage a 'dead marker' should be placed on the table which I think will add to the visual effect of the game as well as having an effect in the rules. The supply wagons are needed to carry ammo markers that can remove a brigade's low ammo status.  I could use the paper markers that are included in the game, but I think miniatures would be better.

I hope to get everything necessary for a game of Command Combat ready soon - I already have the miniatures; over a hundred stands of both Federals and Rebels but not sure on terrain ... I need to do an audit of my 6mm ACW terrain ...

I'm aiming to do 1st Bull Run initially - seems appropriate - and that's available as a free scenario from Wargames Vault (which has most of the game's rules included) if anyone's interested in following my progress.

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