Thursday, 11 August 2016

Aeronef and Iron Stars

I really like the extensive range of Aeronefs sold by Brigade Models, there's just something about the idea of flying ships battling in our skies that really appeals to me. So much show that I have Austro-Hungarian, Greek, Italian, Russian and Turkish squadrons, as you can see in this post from way back in 2011!

Since then, I've got even more - I got ships for USA & CSA squadrons to do a US Civil War in the skies; no pictures of them though :(

The problem is though, I really don't like the Aeronef rules - as I explained in this post

Iron Stars cover
My 'solution', which has only been in my head (I've not actually done anything about it!), is to use Majestic 12's Edwardian science fiction rules 'Iron Stars' modified to be 'in-atmosphere'.

IMO, these are excellent rules and I've thought so since I got them - longer ago than I want to think about! I got small Russian & Austro-Hungarian squadrons (pics are in this post).

Anyway, the point of this rambling is that when Jim of Jim's Wargaming Workbench posted an interest in the Russo-Japanese War recently, I commented that we couuld play it with Aeronefs. Jim replied he had a Japanese fleet, and I've got Russians, so it is a possibility!

With that in mind, I've been thinking - as one would - about the rules to use, so that prompted me to go to Iron Stars again.

HOWEVER, before trying to modify it for Aeronef, it would be a really good idea to actually play the game and see if it as good as I think (hope!). With that in mind last night I started putting together the ship data cards I created years ago:

Once they're done, Iron Stars is ready to go and hopefully I can arrange a game with Jim when he returns from his holidays?


  1. I agree about the Aeronef rules. However some people (I am told) do like them as it allows for big battles. I think the first step is to imagine how many models you will want in a game. And if you want Big battles stick with the rules as written. I personally would only want 5-6 models a side so I would want more detailed rules. It is al about choice.

    I have no Aeronef fleets as I do not like the rules so IF you do manage to get a good set going I would be interested.

    Good Luck

  2. Really like the basing on your Aeronef fleets too. What did you use?

    1. Thanks Jim! It's an MDF hex with a flying stand's base glued in the middle and a bit of white painted wire coat hangar as the pole. The flying base stand was smoothed onto the hex with polyfilla, then basetex on that and all painted with Miniature Paints grass green. At that point I was making the dice frame from cocktail sticks - now I get them from Minibits as their's are smaller than Warbases