Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Buildings ... progress ?

Last night I made a bit of progress on my Charlie Foxtrot Models' "Table Edge Terrace" British Version that I mentioned in my last post; specifically starting the rendering effect.  Here it is 'before':

And here is 'after':

I first did this on a bunch of Amera Plastic Mouldings buildings that I had a long time ago and found that it didn't quite transfer directly from a plastic to an MDF building ... 

I coated the building in slightly diluted PVA and then sprinkled dry plaster powder on it. With the plastic building this was fine, but with a non-undercoated MDF building the glue was soaked up by the MDF almost straightaway! Lesson learned - either undercoat the MDF or sprinkle faster!

Back in June in this post, I mentioned 6mm ACW terrain; well I couldn't find any buildings in my resin mountain (well, let's be honest, I didn't actually search it) so I bought some from Leven Miniatures and started on some of them last night:

I'm pleased with how they've come out - remember they're very small and to be viewed from at least arm's length! :) - and only need the application of the 'magic dip' to finish


  1. hmmm a job still to do is finish my 6mm ACW! I also checked out Charlie Foxtrot but the one type of building is not in evidence fior what I need so I will have to make my own and cast it in Resin.
    But as I was not aware of Charlie Foxtrot well worth a look!

  2. It looks good though dude. Far more realistic looking texture now. Will have to slot this idea away for future use.

  3. I like the 'after' model a lot more than the 'before'- a job well done I'd say.