Monday, 15 August 2016

More for Faustus Furius & What Happened With My Gladiator Arena

Pendraken purchase
One of the many things that I like about Faustus Furius (the new Chariot Racing game from Ganesha Games) is that in certain situations a mob can enter the racetrack and start causing problems for everyone! When I made my purchase of chariots from Newline Designs (some details in this post) I couldn't find any figures that I thought would suit for a mob ... so I went to Pendraken Miniatures, and after browsing their online catalogue, selected 5 packs that you can see in the pic to the right. They are:

  • SC13 Arab civilians (30)
  • FME13 Peasants (10)
  • FBG4 Beggars with club (10)
  • FBG5 Beggars hurling stones (10)
  • FBG7 Female beggars (10)
    and somehow VM22 crept into the order! :)

Unfortunately, as with a lot of the Pendraken catalogue, there were no pictures for most of the packs (at least it seems that way!), so I opened them up with some trepidation. Luckily, I think I'll get away with them as an ancient mob, especially as they are 10mm and will be in a mob!

In this post last week, I mentioned that my Charlie Foxtrot Models' Gladiator Arena had gone badly wrong ...

Here's the evidence ... the pic to the right shows my initial effort to rectify my cock-up. I undercoated the MDF with Halfords' filler primer - the one I got is a 'sand' colour. I then put on a couple of coats of a cheap emulsion that I'd got from Wilkinsons'. Unfortunately, the paint completely filled the etched wording on the top of the Arena box. I tried to scrape out the paint with a knife and then paint in the lettering red. But it just wasn't working. I didn't really like the colour I'd used as it appeared in that large an area, so I tried to get rid of it by scrubbing the paint off with a scouring pad under a running tap. The initial test of this is in the top left corner in the pic.

This  pic shows the end result of the scouring. It got rid of most of the paint - including the lettering I'd painted. I've decided I'm going to do another spray coat and then paint in the lettering black.  I'm hoping this greater contrast will look much better!
In the pics on the Charlie Foxtrot page (linked to above) you can see the planking effect on the walls of the arena ... unfortunately, I did the same to those walls as I did with the lid. To the right you can barely see the planking effect :(  Luckily the scrubbing used on the lid also rescued the walls!

Over the weekend, I did a bunch of varnishing on my figures - a coat of satin onto miniatures with army painter strong tone on. I went for satin and not matt as I quite like the shiny effect, but find that the strong tone is just too glossy. I'm not entirely sure how well it's worked - I'll check tonight and hopefully have some pics soon.


  1. I am following with much interest. I did Play the Avalon hill game about 30 years ago and would like to know how this plays. I can see it being a 10mm thrill.

    The Persian scythed chariot looks good.
    And when It comes to Pendracken figures if you get on their forum and ask other players they will (in my experience) be very happy to point out appropriate codes. They can be really helpful like that. (Sometimes posting pictures!)

    1. Clint, I still use an updated version of the AH games for my Gladiator fights.

  2. Sorry to hear about your woes with the box it looks good to me I am sure you can sort it out so you are happy with it :)

    It does bug me when people don't put up picture of items there are quite a few still who just don't bother it makes me wonder how they make sales sometimes.

  3. I've found MDF can be a right whatsaname to work with, especially as most stuff I've seen has the detailing very shallow (i's the nature of the beast). You seem to have recovered the amage well though, good luck with the rest.
    Good find on the civilian substitutes too, it's almost impossible to find anything suitable in 54mms.
    You my also be interested that there's a new Gladiator game that's soon to be rleased on a crowd-under; it features on my Gladiator blog this week