Thursday, 15 September 2016

White Russians - more pics

Jim - the mad genius behind the epic blog that is Jim's Wargames Workbench - and I were emailing yesterday, in the course of which we have arranged a game of Back of Beyond later in the month.

For the game, I'm going to use my White Russians; however, they are not quite ready yet ... so I thought I'd take some pics of them before I finished them off. Most of these pics are on the ' My Lead Men - White Russians for Back of Beyond' page, but I thought I'd share some here as well
The officers
The Ladies
The support
Some of the cavalry
Some of the PBI


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Joe - an actual game will make a change!

  2. Splendid stuff. I only wish I could get involved. I do like the "Back of Beyond" Idea.

    1. It'll be at the Winchester club, which I guess will be too far for you Clint :(

  3. Excellent stuff! Really like your HQ.